Role: Student Intervention and Support

Years at Curtis: 18 Years


Colleges Attended: Oral Roberts University- Tulsa, Oklahoma and University of California, Riverside

Hobbies: golf and listening to old school music.

Interesting Facts: I lived in Norway after participation in a 3 month missions trip across Europe. I lived in Germany, and while living there, the Fall of the Berlin Wall happened, which permitted East Berliners, no longer under the reign of the Communist Party, to cross to West Berlin.

Inspirational Quote: We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.- Marin Luther King Jr.

Favorite thing about Curtis: My favorite thing about teaching at Curtis are working with both students and staff. I have the privilege to teach and support a very special group of students every year who teaches me the importance of resilience. Excitedly, I get to teach them to strive above and beyond what they know, to what is possible through better decision making, and to do this service in collaboration with a unique and caring staff everyday is remarkable! The Curtis staff, over the years, have always demonstrated an abundance of care and concern for all students, which is a wonderful trademark to Curtis.