The impact of PBiS at Curtis Middle School:

PBiS is the on- site progressive discipline program for effective learning at Curtis Middle School. PBiS is an acronym for Positive Behavior Interventions and Support. When the Curtis staff began implementing the PBiS components with fidelity in 2011-2012, the culture began to unfold and flourish over a period of years to a safe and welcoming community. The entire staff at Curtis has worked to build a foundation to teach students how to behave, and respond appropriately on, and around the campus, not just in their classrooms.

The use of the social skills as a common language on our campus has proven to be the central point of our achievement on campus. We believe that social skills are life skills, and therefore, we teach, re-teach, review as needed through behavioral lessons to support our students learning how to better communicate within our community. PBiS is not just an on- site progressive discipline program; it is a way of life for us at Curtis. The administration, counselors, teachers, clerks, instructional aides, custodial, and campus security officers have, and continue to extend our capabilities to provide good rapport and positive connections with our students.

Curtis ROCKS!

If you would like additional information, or to arrange a site visit to witness PBiS in action, please contact our principal’s secretary to arrange a site visit.

Be amazing today!

Danita Baker

Program Facilitator-Student Intervention and Support

Curtis Middle School