Curtis Middle School January Fortnite Tournament

Rules and Sign Ups

General Information:

  • Matches will occur on January 21th and will be virtual on your own device at your own house. First match will begin at noon.

  • Curtis Middle School is not responsible for any technology issues or glitches that occur.

  • Only accounts registered will be admitted.

  • Failure to follow the rules listed in registration will result in removal from the tournament.

  • Matches will take place in creative (Tilted Zone Wars).

  • Each match will consist of 10 rounds, with the top 3 winners advancing. In the event of a tie, eliminations will be used as a tie breaker. Ties will continue to be broken using damage dealt and other stats as needed.

  • All prizes will be determined at the completion of the entire tournament.

  • Any cheating or suspected cheating will result in immediate removal from the tournament.

  • Only one account per student can participate.

  • Should you miss your assigned playing time, you will forfeit from the tournament.

  • All final decisions on game play will be up to the game organizers (Curtis Middle School Video Game Club/Mr. Petriccione).

  • Only current Curtis Middle School students can participate.

  • You will need to add CURTISWILDCATS on Fortnite to play (you are responsible for doing this)

1st Place- $30 McDonalds Gift Card and Trophy

2nd Place- $20 McDonalds Gift Card

3rd Place- $10 McDonalds Gift Card